Oolong tea from Choui Fong Tea Field

Oolong tea from Choui Fong Tea Field has been well-known for the highest quality traditional teas. The company’s commitment in the efficacy and safety brought into the production of quality tea has been recognized by the Thai Food and Drug Administration and also has been certified with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the products in general have since been granted prestigious awards by the various related organizations and events within the industry.

no17-icon2 Oolong tea no.17 

Oolong tea no.17 often refer to the “Queen of Oolong Teas”. It is very fragrant with an authentic smell and natural fragrance. It helps prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol in the blood, reduce fat, aid blood pressure control and detoxification.

Weight 500 g. Price 650 THB
Weight 200 g. Price 320 THB

no12-icon Oolong tea no.12

The taste of Oolong tea no.12 is light and flowery and sometimes compared to milk. Good for people starting to drink strong tea. It has a bold but balanced flavour.

Weight 500 g. Price 500 THB
Weight 200 g. Price 200 THB

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