Miss Tea Thai (MTT)

Tea varieties from Miss Tea Thai (MTT) , Their produsts have been approved by Thai Food and Drug Administration for the standard quality, efficacy, and safety. Tea has natural color and taste, without any artificials or chemicals. There is no any contaminations what so ever. MTT products are also certified by the standard of Europe and China’s Organic Agriculture Standard.

Oolong tea no.17

Oolong tea no.17 often refer to the “Queen of Oolong Teas”. It is very fragrant with an authentic smell and natural fragrance. It helps prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol in the blood, reduce fat, aid blood pressure control and detoxification.

Weight 500 g. Price 700 THB

Weight 200 g. Price 380 THB

4seasons Four seasons oolong tea

Four Season oolong tea, also known as Evergreen Oolong or Si Ji Chun. It is a lightly oxidized tea variety. It got the name as the tea can be picked all around the year. The tea has ball-shaped leaves with bright green in color. The brewed tea is golden yellow-green in color with a smooth, floral and mild taste without any bitterness or dryness.

Cr. oolongteainfo.com

Weight 200 g. Price 380 THB

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